If you are a developer or beginner in programming world than here is an advice for you-to learn JavaScript immediately!!!

 Reasons for advice?

Well we have number of reasons and they are impressive too.

·       According to our job aggregation data analysis one percent of total jobs posted includes JavaScript as a keyword.

·        JavaScript comes preinstalled in every modern browsers, so you can start writing your code and test run it in browser immediately. No need to go through lengthy process of setting up the whole new development environment.

·       JavaScript is a front end language and can be used to make website in more interactive and attractive manner.


In addition if you desire a stable and growing career based on a  programming language which have increasing demand in upcoming future, than JavaScript is the language to go.

If you wonder how is that possible for a scripting language to have such a demand over other established languages like php, python or ruby(RoR) than first take a look at this analysis.

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As you can see it is clearly showing rapid growth of JavaScript in comparison with other languages.

Let's take a look at why JavaScript is growing that fast.

·       JavaScript is being used worldwide in browsers, so as long browsers will be in play, JavaScript will be used. Here otherwise prospect seems to have very little chance.

·       JavaScript is currently an integral part of cloud computing and demand of cloud computing is increasing rapidly in modern computing era, so JavaScript seems to have a great future.


As we cleared why and where JavaScript is being used so widely, now I am coming back on our main question  " Why JavaScript!!".

As for the answer we would like to point out an age old question -  "How much JavaScript can pay?".

So rest assured, JavaScript is one of the ten most high paying IT skills in US along with India.  JavaScript is a language which comes  in category of highest paying jobs in US and lists itself in pay band of skills which can pay more than $120,000 per year.

In India individuals with 3  to 4 years of JavaScript experience can get a package of 8 to 11 lakhs per year.

So I believe that I have imparted ample facts to convince you why JavaScript is hot and you should learn it as an IT developer.

If you have any questions feel free to ask it in our forum, and your valuable suggestions and opinions are most welcomed in our comment section below. 

Posted by Rajesh Singh

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